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Livestock Farming

Consolidation in animal agriculture can harm the welfare of farmers, workers, animals, and eaters, and can damage the environment. Learn more about the structure of today’s beefpork, chicken, egg, and dairy industries.

Grains & Produce

Giant corporations and funds increasingly control America’s grain and vegetable systems. Learn more about how commodities – and related consumer products, like beer – are grown, processed, and priced, and how speculation has warped commodity markets.

The Farmer & the Worker

Who gets food to our plates? Learn how concentration affects the farmers and workers who grow our food, pick our vegetables, and slaughter our livestock.

The Middlemen

Just a few companies control what you buy at the grocery store and how much it costs. Learn how giant retailers like Walmart use tools like price discrimination to keep and grow their power, and how food processors have come to dictate their supply chains. 

Ownership & Control

Corporations at home and abroad grow by buying their rivals, and increasingly, by grabbing control of vital information. Learn how mergers & acquisitions, foreign ownership, and big data are reshaping our food system.

Food Politics & Policy

Behind the growth of corporate power in our food system is a web of regulations and policies. Read up on how big corporations manipulate and shape food policy and politics issues, from organics to GMOs to checkoff tax programs


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