In South Carolina, Poultry Industry Seeks to Eliminate Barriers to Expansion

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Photo from usdagov on Flickr.  A bill in the South Carolina legislature would make it significantly harder for residents to challenge the state’s expanding poultry industry. If lawmakers pass the bill, South Carolina will be the latest in a series of states to make it harder for rural communities to resist or even carefully regulate large-scale […]

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Congressmen Move To Protect Big Ag from Water Protection Law​

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Photo from usdagov on Flickr.  Residents of rural communities near large-scale farms may soon find it harder to protect their drinking water from pollution from agriculture, thanks to a bill introduced recently by Representative Dan Newhouse, a Republican from Washington’s 4th district. Newhouse’s bill, H.R. 848 introduced in February with 43 co-sponsors, aims to amend the […]

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In South Carolina, Liquor Giant Targets Independent Stores​

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Photo by Flickr user jamescridland. A recent decision by the South Carolina Supreme Court will overturn a 72-year-old restriction on how many licenses a liquor retailer in the state can hold. The case was brought by Total Wine & More, a Maryland-based liquor retailer with over 150 “big box” stores in 20 states. Now, small retailers […]

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Big Ag Uses “Right to Farm” to Target the Rights of Oklahoma Citizens

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Photo from usdagov on Flickr. Oklahomans vote November 8 on a Big Ag-backed proposal to limit the ability of citizens to regulate agricultural activity within the state. If passed, State Question 777 would add language to the state constitution requiring any new agricultural legislation to undergo strict scrutiny in the courts, making it harder for residents […]

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