Food & Power Newsletter: The Battle for Nebraska: Communities Take On Industrial Chicken and Pork

Posted Chris Wager Chicken, Leah Douglas, Newsletter, Pork

“We need a moratorium here in Iowa. We’ve got too many factory farms.” That’s Adam Mason, state policy director with Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement. He’s not alone in his desire for dramatic action to be taken against the proliferation of factory farming in his state. Communities across the country are standing up against corporate, […]

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Red Meat: Smithfield Foods and Communist China are a Match Made in Heaven

Posted Christopher Leonard Chris Leonard, Foreign Ownership, Pork

At the end of last month, China’s biggest meat producer revealed its plans to buy Smithfield Foods for $4.7 billion. In doing so, Shuanghui International Holdings is poised to take over more than one-quarter of the entire U.S. pork industry in one fell swoop.

To understand what the Shuanghui deal means for Americans, it is critical to understand what Smithfield is, and how it came to be the world’s biggest pork producer. Smithfield isn’t just a big pork company; it’s an entirely new kind of pork company, one that has transformed what it means to be a hog farmer.