With SABMiller Deal Complete, ABI Takes Aim at Craft Brewers

Posted Leah Douglas Beer, Leah Douglas, Newsletter

Photo from Flickr user quinnanya. Anheuser-Busch InBev is angling to control every shelf of your local beer store, and they’re doing it behind the scenes. That may seem surprising, given that the Belgian company has made headlines this year with its nearly complete $108 billion acquisition of SABMiller, the second-largest beer company in the world. But […]

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Personal Pricing, Like Really Personal

Posted Lina Khan Lina Khan, Price Discrimination

At the National Retail Federation annual conference, retailers discuss how to use big data to personalize customer prices. Tactics include in-store cameras that track which products you’re examining, so Kroger can send you a coupon for chips as you’re still roaming the salsa aisle. Or if you buy cat food towards the end of the month, you’ll be e-mailed a special offer on the 25th, rather than showered with ads all the time. But do the savings outweigh the creepiness?