ABI’s Venture Capital Fund Quietly Expanding the Mega-Brewer’s Reach

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Photo from quinnanya on Flickr. Anheuser-Busch InBev was consistently in the news last year as it closed its blockbuster $100 billion acquisition of SABMiller. But beyond headline-generating deals, the brewer is finding new ways to expand its reach, particularly in the craft sector. The company’s wholly-owned venture capital firm has been quietly investing in beer ratings websites, delivery […]

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North Carolina Craft Brewers Fight for Freedom from ABI-Controlled Distributors​

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Photo from Flickr user criminalintent. North Carolina is home to a booming craft beer industry, including Highland Brewing Company and Olde Mecklenberg. But the growing power of the independent breweries has put them at odds with an increasingly consolidated distribution and wholesale industry in the state. In response, the brewers are backing a bill that would […]

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Merging Seed Giants Tout “Innovation”, but Already Slashing R&D​

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Photo from flickr user thatmakesthree. In a September 20 hearing on Capitol Hill, executives from Monsanto, Bayer, Syngenta, Dow and DuPont defended their plans to merge into three giant agrochemical companies. Under questioning by Senators on the Judiciary Committee, they emphasized that the deals would increase their companies’ ability to “innovate” and to develop better seeds […]

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