Consolidation in the food industry has been facilitated by a large number of mergers and acquisitions in a variety of sectors, ranging from pet food to fertilizer to confections. As the number of remaining independent small producers and processors dwindles, increasingly the largest corporations are taking aim at one another. Heinz’s recent acquisition of Kraft, Tyson’s acquisition of Hillshire, and Suntory’s acquisition of Beam are just a few examples of how the most dominant companies in each sector are continuing on a path of intense consolidation.

Below is a database of many high-profile, high-impact mergers from the past several years. The database is searchable and can be ordered by Acquirer, Purchased, Date, Sector, and Deal Value. While this list is by no means comprehensive, it reveals a few key traits of consolidation in the food sector. First, that not all impactful mergers are necessarily expensive. Anheuser-Busch InBev’s 2011 acquisition of Goose Island Brewing Co. for $39 million was important for its indication of ABI’s future endeavors in the craft sector, despite carrying a relatively low price tag. Second, the database also demonstrates that within just a few years, some companies, like JBS, Grupo Bimbo, or B&G Foods, have made several key acquisitions, signaling their growing dominance.

This database will be continually updated. Our thanks to Food & Water Watch for their contribution of much of this important data.




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